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 Suspension of Chronicles Games (Temporary)

Folks, I apologise but I am going to have to suspend processing on both Chronicles games (Rokugan and Imperium) till probably February. Its not what I wanted given that the turn arounds have started to get back to normal but circumstances do not give me much choice.As some of you are aware I have not been well in December; Flu a chest infection and pneumonia. Unfortunately it has turned out a little more serious, and the examinations for this have turned up a previously undetermined heart condition. The medicine I have been given for this tends to wipe me out for two to four hours every day, leaving me little enough time for the family let alone processing games. Hopefully with tests and treatment in January things will get sorted, but until then I have neither the time nor the energy to guarantee the deadlines.Again my apologiesPaul  
Submitted by PaulC
PaulConMon Dec 20 2010 - 02:48PM

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