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Stalingrad Survivors

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The Stalingrad Survivors

Manager: Jason "The Statistician" Hockley (Jason)

Stadium: The Bunker
Capacity: 60,000
Type: Aggrodome
Location: Stalingrad (or Volgograd, if you prefer), Russia

“The Bunker is the culmination of building work started for last season’s upgrade. The stadium is in the city’s newly renovated industrial sector. The ring is harsh and cold, with hard-edged fixtures, abrupt corners and bright lights. It boasts one of the IRL’s most extensive selections of snack foods and amenities, though.”

Team Colours:
Home: Grey and Dark Red
Away: Crimson and Black

Mascot: The Man of Steel

“In 2054 we saw the Survivors rebuilding their infrastructure and making some player purchases, but not seeming to recover the depth of play and necessary numbers for a good league standing. Having never finished below 3rd place in previous seasons, they sadly never made it above the bottom half of the table for most of the 2054 season, despite a final push to 6th place in the last few weeks. With new back office items in place and a rebuilt stadium, however, they appear poised for expansion and perhaps ready to reclaim their earlier status as one of the finest teams in the league.”

Key Players:

“While traditionally the manager has been ruthless in culling the weak, and the turnover in Stalingrad’s team is high, no mention of key players can go without recalling the contribution of Vassili Zaitsev. Top scorer and Hall of Fame member in 2051, Vassili was an important member of the team and performed well for many years. Even when age started to dull his play he stayed on, boosting the morale of his team mates and providing valuable contributions when the younger, first choice members were unavailable. However, every player has their day and he has now moved to a more relaxed team, settling in to the Timbuktu Foreign Legion.
Suren Mirzayan, another inductee into the 2051 Hall of Fame and the ‘Old Man’ of the team, is also a pivotal part of the Stalingrad war machine. Although his days as first choice for the starting ten are behind him, he remains as a staunch supporter of the team and says he won’t leave until he’s forced to retire. He even helps out off the ring where possible and can always be found chatting to fans before matches. He is thought to be planning a move to the world of professional golf once his Rollerball days are over, but promises to keep in touch and offer his advice on a free consultancy basis to keep his ties to the old club.”
Notable Rivalries:

“The Survivors have a long-standing friendly rivalry with the Ice Warriors. This dates back to the IRL’s inaugural 2051 season. That year the Survivors missed out on winning all three prizes by a single goal when the Warriors edged a victory over them in the Cup Final. Despite placing relatively poorly in the league each season, the Warriors have a record of success against Stalingrad and tend to place well in the Cup. The things that stop this rivalry from being more acrimonious are the grudging respect the Survivors have for their opponent, and their shared love of aggressive play styles.
The team with the best win record against Stalingrad, however, is Renaissance Rome. Up to the start of the 2055 season, they have won 67% of their games against the Survivors, the only other team to have a record of greater than 50% besides the Warriors. This rivalry is not so pleasant, however, as the two have very different play styles and those losses to Rome have sometimes come at particularly inopportune times. Not to mention that Amelia Lupi, bought by Rome in the 2053 week 10 auction, only narrowly missed being signed up by Stalingrad due to administrative oversight. It was a fair result, but one which still smarts.”

Manager's pre-2055 Season comments:

“The Survivors are thought by many to be a team living on past glories. It’s true that we dominated in 2051 and haven’t reached those heights again since, but for the following two seasons we still put in strong performances and were a team to be feared. In 2054, however, out position started to seriously falter as other teams overtook us and held their positions strongly.
During this time we invested heavily for the future, with new staff items to bring in more money to pay for our extensive medical facilities, and to entertain our loyal following of fans. We finished the building of our new stadium to allow more of those fans in, and we secured the services of players who I have no doubt will be names to watch in the coming years.

However, these are longer term plans and as of yet we are not where we want to be. So Stalingrad will likely be fighting a holding action early in 2055, trying not to concede too much ground whilst getting its finances in order and bringing the squad up to the required levels of talent and depth. We’ve always said that when the Survivors were at their strongest the reason was more to do with depth and substitutes than the starting ten, and we aim to regain that position once more. The high turnover shows this is a tough team to maintain your place in, but once here everybody contributes.”

Team members:

26 players on the books

Backroom Staff:
Trainer x 3 / Physio x 4 / Scout x 7 Cheerleaders (The Russian Dolls) Fast Food Franchise (Burgers ‘n’ Borscht)Fashion Line (Cossack Clothing)Combat TrainerPit LawyersPyrotechnicianRollerball TV (Across the Barricades)

Team Record:
2051 Season
League Position: 1st, of 8 Teams
P:14, W:9, D:2, L:3, GD:+57
Company Cup: Finalists
Hall of Fame: Vassili Zaitsev, Suren Mirzayan, Sacha Fillipov
Top Scorer: Vassili Zaitsev (31 goals)
Estimated Team value at end of season:

2052 Season
League Position: 3rd, of 8 Teams
P:14, W:6, D:3, L:5, GD:+31
Company Cup: Semi-finalists
Hall of Fame: Sacha Fillipov
Top Scorer: Vassili Zaitsev (22 goals)
Estimated Team value at end of season:

2053 Season
League Position: 3rd, of 12 Teams
P:22, W:13, D:2, L:7, GD:+97
Company Cup: Quarter-finalists
Hall of Fame: None
Top Scorer: Sacha Fillipov (34 goals)
Estimated Team value at end of season:
14,444,000 n¥

2054 Season
League Position: 6th, of 12 Teams (IRL)
P:22, W:8, D:4, L:10, GD:+19
Company Cup: Quarter-Final
Hall of Fame: None
Top Scorer: 79. Galina Lobanov (22 goals)
Estimated Team value at end of season: 17,127,000 n¥

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