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Dunwich Horrors


Dunwich Horrors

Andrew Whiteley

Indian Hill
Capacity: 20,000
Type: Standard
Location: Dunwich, Mass.

Team Colours:
The Team In Yellow

Mascot: May Not Be Named

"Welcome to Indian Hill Stadium. That’s the official name of course, to the true Horrors fan it’s the Boneyard. Is this your first visit? Well then, allow me to give you a short tour. The Stadium? Yes, it is old, built in1929 after the ….incident. It was built on the ruins of an earlier stadium but Rollerball – or something like it – has been played here since before even Old Columbus came. Yes, the Miskatonic Indians used to play a version of Rollerball on this very hilltop – there’s a series of rock carvings in our museum showing scenes from the game….….This is the museum, this is where we keep mementoes of some of our former players. We’ve got uniforms from the 1930’s through to the present on display, - yes, the dummies are rather lifelike, aren’t they. And of course, in place of honour, that is the Holy Grail, I mean the Company Cup. Nice to have it back again.…. Ah yes, the Indian petroglyphs. Here they are behind this protective glass. As you can see, they are carved into the bedrock of the hill. Archaeologists from Miskatonic University tell us that this sequence shows scenes from one of their important games – yes, rather like the Company Cup Final. They date from the 1500’s we think. Here you can see the players being pulled along by horses – no bikes of course in those days but being trampled by a horse must be rather like being run over by a motorbike – and there you can see a goal being scored – the ball is here, just above those two bodies. We don’t know exactly what they used as a ball, some of the early reports from French explorers speak of the players having to try to catch a live racoon as the ball – well, live at the start of play anyway. One even speaks of the use of a skunk but he was watching from half a mile away from the actual game along with the rest of the crowd. Here we reach the aftermath of the game when a player from the losing side is ritually sacrificed to the gods. Apparently if someone had already been killed during play it was considered that the gods had already made their choice… …. We go up now, the museum is the lowest level of the stadium. The door? That leads to the old tunnels and we don’t want to go there. Ah you noticed the Horrors logo on the door, yes that can be found in many areas of the stadium. If you look carefully you can see it on the padlocks as well… …. These are the visitors’ dressing rooms, we had better stay out of the way whilst our guests get ready. Do you like the lighting? A bit bright and, well, clinical? Well I suppose the gleaming white tiles and stainless steel fixtures do give a bit of a glare. The straps on the massage tables? That’s so they can secure a player if we need to carry out any serious surgery. Ah the trophy wall, those are pictures of some of the more interesting injuries visiting players have suffered here at the Indian Hill. That is Nelson of the Zanzibar Pirates and that believe it or not is Mckenna of the El Paso Bandits – and yes, he is walking again although I understand he still limps a little. We think a little reminder of what they are about to face puts our visitors in what we like to think of as the right mood… … Ah it’s time to go to the rink. Let’s follow the visitors down the tunnel – mind how you go as it’s very dark. You like the sign over the tunnel "This is Indian Hill". Just to remind them. Can you hear the music? We always play that for the visiting team, we think that Chopin’s Funeral March adds to the atmosphere. We’ll just go along here to the Press Box, it’s alright, I know the way even in the dark. We tend to let the visiting team skate around for a few minutes to get used to the rink and the dark and the quiet… Ah the Chopin has finished. I’d put these dark glasses on and cover your ears for a moment if I were you … AND HERE ARE THE HORRORS! No, I know you didn’t realise that the fans were there in the dark, they always stay quiet until the floodlights come up and then they let rip with the noise. I don’t know who are the louder, the fans or Mother Bishop – that’s her playing the organ for the home teams’ music. Yes, I know that Bach’s Tocata and Fugue in D minor are a bit old hat now for Rollerball but the fans won’t let us change, they rather like the tradition. The Inflatable Giant Albino Penguins? The fans started bringing them last year and it’s started a trend. What? No, that’s not a giant Inflatable Octopus in the VIP box.Do enjoy the game."
Reprinted from the Arkham Advertiser, 2053

Team Members: (27 players on the books)
1. Willie Talbot, 2. Martha Farmer, 4. Dr Harvey Wainscott
11. Squire Sawyer Whateley, 12. Tristam Whateley

31. Lemuel Whateley, 34. Tucker Jones, 35. Beatrice Gardner, 38. Leroy Turner, 40. Charles Tyner, Denison, Huzman

52. Sarah Gardner, 53. J Thomas Snyder, 54. JB Monroe, 56. Mother Charity Bishop, 59. Old Bill Dunn, 60. Old Sam Hutchins, 62. Will Hutchins, 65. Elena Spazegottas, 67. Walter Gilman, 68. Roberta Henry, 69. Melissa Thorne, 73. George Locksley, 74. Johnathan Edwards, 75. Wilfred Llanfer, 76. Dorothy Upman

Backroom Staff:
3 Trainers, 3 Pyshios, 1 Scout

Team Record:
2051 Season
League Position: 6th
P:14, W:5, D:3, L:6, GD:-49
Company Cup: Quarter-finals
Hall of Fame: Mother Charity Bishop
Top Scorer: 56 C. Bishop (10 goals)
Estimated Team value at end of season: 10,550,000

2052 Season
League Position: 4th
P:14, W:6, D:2, L:6, GD:+14
Company Cup: Winners
Hall of Fame: Tristam Whateley
Top Scorer: 54. Monroe (22 goals)
Estimated Team value at end of season: 12,784,440

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