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Bogata Blizzard

Bogata Blizzard

Phil "The Hyena" Lovell

The Barranquilla Bowl
Capacity: 35,000.
Featuring the latest in Pyrotechnic displays and with a Bar on every walkway, the Barranquilla Bowl is one of the premier Rollerball venues in the world.  The stadium has recently been expanded,  but in doing so it has unfortunately encroached upon the streets where the local gangs play  Rollerball. As the Blizzard franchise is owned by the fans, for the fans, it was decided to keep these "features" in a gesture of solidarity.  However, the visiting teams appear to be finding the rink trickier to navigate this season much to the delight of the Crowd!

Team Colours:

Home: Blue Denim jeans and waistcoats, with white t-shirts.
Away: Blue Denim Jeans and Waistcoats, with Black t-shirts.
All players wear Bandannas, indicating the "fellowship" they were in before joining the club.

Originally El Dealo, until "Differences of Opinion" led to the installation of the Injury Fairy during the 2052 season.

Team Background:

No-one really knows where Rollerball started. Some say the streets of LA, as an extension of  gang warfare. Some say that it was a natural continuance of the Street-fighting tournaments of the Far East. Others suggest the crumbling urban sprawls of the former Communist states. 
We in Colombia know different.  Back around the turn of the Century, gangs of youths began to play football whilst on their Motorcycles in the barrios of Bogotá.  Eventually, the concept spread to other locales around the world, where the game developed into the sport we know and love.
Bogotá is proud to be represented at the top level of global Rollerball, but getting there has been a long, hard struggle for recognition.  Having finished top of the South American tables for several years, but being denied by a lack of corporate "respectability" the arrival of Luiz Scandalatez to head up the board brought both the finances to bring the stadium up to date but also the business acumen the League required. 
Having appointed a new head coach after close-season "Differences of opinion" with Carlos Garbagetta the man who won them promotion, Bogotá managed an acceptable 2051 season, being pipped to the post in the last couple of weeks.
Midway through the second season however, it was clear that there were "Differences of Opinion" between the fans and the Board of Directors - despite them bringing on board Colombia's most famous brewery and their famed "Blizzard Brew". This lead to the introduction of a new board of directors, straight from the streets with new ideas and Bogota have been resurgent towards the end of the 2052 season and into 2053.
With a host of big name players coming up through the ranks of the gangs who originally formed Blizzard, back in the 2030's, led by "Rollerball's Greatest Living Biker" Alfredo Zapata and with one of the best backroom teams in the business, Blizzard are blowing up a storm!
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Team Members:
(25 players on the books)
2. Liam Bennett, 3. Julio Cortez, 4. Julianna Cartagena

11. Jesus Andare, 13. Ronaldinhia


33. Consuel Marquez, 35. Alfredo Zapata, 36. Esteban, 37. Elvyra Baez, 38. Margarida Pino


52. Isabel, 53. Conchita Suarez, 54. Lorenzo di Matta, 55. Juanita Sanchez, 58. Leon, 60. Katherine Twigg, 61. Marco Mattaza, 62. Xavier Rattin, 63. Eva Martinez, 65. Nebetya, 67. Rafael Angulo, 70. Shakira Verdugo, 71. Ana Rodriguez, 72. Elena Oliveros, 73. Pablo Orozco

Back Office:
2 x Trainer / Physio / Scout / Pyrotechnician / Beer Sponsorship / Pharmacist / Cycle Design Team

Team Record:

2051 Season
League Position: 4th
P:14, W:6, D:1, L:7, GD:+10
Company Cup:
Hall of Fame: Zapata
Top Scorer: 53. Suarez (18 goals)
Estimated Team value at end of season: 9,390,000

2052 Season
League Position: 7th
P:14, W:5, D:1, L:8, GD:-14
Company Cup:
Hall of Fame: Zapata
Top Scorer: 65. Nebetya (23 goals)
Estimated Team value at end of season: 11,128,928

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