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Riven Codex

 Rivan Codex

About Rivan Codex


Colin Bradbury (ColinB)

  • The Vale of Aldur
  • Capacity: 40,000
  • Type: Home Advantage
  • Location: Seattle, U.S.A.
"Rivan Codex joined the IRL in 2055. 2056 sees them move to a larger stadium and bigger goals." 

"Myself and the squad are propped and ready to take on the rest of the IRL and plan to hit them HARD and FAST!"

Team Colours




Pale Blue


A Snowy White Owl Cared for by Polgara.


  • 3. Mordja
  • 11. Sadi
  • 12. Lelldorin
  • 14. Kheva
  • 15. Ctuchik
  • 31. Poledra
  • 32. Velvet
  • 36. Zakath
  • 37. Silk
  • 38. Ariana
  • 39. Urvon
  • 40. Layla
  • 52. Torak
  • 53. Ce'Nedra
  • 54. Rhodar
  • 55. Torasin
  • 56. Belgarion
  • 57. Polgara
  • 58. Bethra
  • 59. Nedra
  • 60. Vella
  • 61. Relg
  • 63. Nerina
  • 65. Cyradis
  • 66. Chaldon
Top Scorer
  • 2055 - 56 Polgara (18)
  • 2056 - 53 Ce'Nedra (6)
Manager's comments

Week 5
  "We would like to send our sincear condolences to Bogata and the family of Nebetya, it is always tradgic and a sad loss to all involved with the loss of a life but we should not be mournful, we shuold celebrate everything she bought to the IRL and to her family. Nebetya was a great player on the ring and a lovely person off."   "Rest In Piece Nebetya you will always be remembered"  

Week 6   "Our Team was a little shaken from witnessing there first unfortunate Death on the rink last week and were not up to the best standards the could have been, they have all been given some time off from training over the next few days to get there thoughts sorted out and then they will be back in and training HARD!!! Don't expect us to be soft on anyone, we might not be winning but the only way to go now is up, and we won't be going easy on anyone."   "Our Trainers are working hard with our team and the surgeon will be giving some of our injured players a full check over to see if he can assist them back into the game any sooner."

Back Office Staff
  • Trainer x 2
  • Physio x 2
  • Scout x 1
  • Surgeon
  • Ringside Emergency Facility
Team Record
  • 2055 - 15th

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