(b1192 - )

Daughter of a Byzantine glass maker who fled Constantinople after its sack in 1204. She settled in Oradea and made contact with the Crisana Oppida workshop there where she has worked for the last 10 years, rising to become its senior designer and 'manager'.

She hosted Iren, Aura, Brother Sebastien and others when they visited the workshop in Oradea in the spring of 1230 and had dinner with the women to gossip about business, the local Barons current commission and Peti's daughter Kamilla. She had managed to obtain the two dozen horses the Oppida required for just 19lbs of silver.

In the winter of 1230 she hosted the magi as they visited Oradea to deal with Kamilla's pregnancy. She made a blue glass bust for Kamilla and expressed a poor opinion of Baron Gergo.

After conversing with Tatarnia (during the magi's visit in the autumn of 1231) and getting Aella's permission she agrees to attempt to craft some custom glassware for Tatarnia's lab at the oppidea. It is due for delivery in the winter of 1231.

She is brought up to date about the activities of Baron Gergo Oradea by Aura when she visits the glassworks in the winter of 1231. She talks with Ibrahim about Constantinople and shows him her one faded tapestry of the city.

When the Oppida visit in the summer of 1232 she is having trouble making seven glass mirrors for Baron Gergo Oradea. Aura makes one using Faerie Magic and Ibrahim makes a mould so she can cast the others. She agrees his laboratory equipment will be ready by the end of the year.