This section of the Wiki will deal with the long term Bloodshadows campaign, run by Paul, and set primarily in and around the city of Selastos.

Bloodshadows is a world created by West End Games, and run under their (now defunct) Masterbook system. The use of magic is routine; strange breeds and demons mix on the streets with reanimated corpses (taxim), and events can turn from mundane to threatening at the drop of a (trilby) hat. This is dark 30's noir with humour, magic and twiddly bits!

Players, please feel free to edit the pages for your own characters to write a little bit about them. Hopefully over time a large portion of the notes taken for the game can also be uploaded to the facility.

Selastos Stories

  1. Whisper of Destruction?
  2. Flight of Fear?
  3. Blood Rain?
  4. A Flash of Silver?
  5. The Lady is a Vamp?
  6. Imitation of the Flesh?
  7. Dying for a Song?
  8. The Essence of Suffering
  9. Ahead of the Game?
  10. What Everybody Wants?
  11. Blood on the Streets?
  12. Best of Enemies?
  13. Fresh Meat for the Grinder?
  14. A Town called Malice?
  15. Best Served Cold?
  16. Stealing the Dead?
  17. The Toymaker?
  18. Dead of the Night
  19. Blink?
  20. Ready and Able?
  21. The Show must go On?
  22. A Tale of Two Widows?
  23. A Demon Walked into a Bar
  24. What Katie Did

Main Characters

Glossary of Secondary Characters

Demons of Marl

Creatures of Marl

Directory of Locations in Selastos

Directory of Locations in Arcadia