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DoctorWho: ByWhatWeLeaveBehind

By What We Leave Behind

Part One

Cryptaria, an entire memorial planet to the Jannisaries of Kargh, a civilisation destroyed in a genocidal war with the Daleks millenia ago. Billions of tombs and structures scatter the planet reminding all of their brave deeds and ultimately futile battles of a now extinct species. The Harlequin and the Advocate have brought Patrick Leon here to view the memorials and marvel at the scale of the construction. Strolling amongst memorials which range in size from that of a small vehicle, to a small skyscraper; the four travellers eventually come to a stop in front of a modest structure commemerating the life and death of Commander Staarg. The Advocate starts to read the inscription, which details the commanders succesful attack on a Dalek saucer, but the Harlequin and Patrick Leon are more interested in a large footprint in the nearby dust. Along with Anntar they gather round it to consider the implications. As they do so the Advocate gets to the end of the inscription and realises that the last part is some form of input devise, and he starts to manipulate it. Suddenly he vanishes!

The three remaining travllers head over to investigate, but as they start to consider the possibilities a blast of energy strikes the memorial, narrowlly missing the Harlequin but destroying the inscription. Turning they see a large imposing, ape like figure, cresting a nearby ridge, and brandishing a very large gun, the Harlequin recognises the distinctive form of an Ogron. With the sound of running feet approaching they decide discretion is the better part of valour and sprint off away from the creature. It is joined by four others and the five set of in pursuit, initially gaining ground and unleashing a salvo of shots which fail to hit home. Veering away the three head into a large monument, across the electrostaticly clean floor, the central hall of which is four storeys in hieght, brightly lit and with a huge hanging planet in the centre. A few doors can be seen down a corridor to the left, whilst open metal stairs lead up to the right, the Harlequin leads the others up the stairs past the first floor and on to the second, were they duck down behind the railings and wait. The five Ogrons enter slowly, scanning around in search of their prey. Seemingly undecided as to what to do, the largest sends the smallest to get a 'bonehead'. Looking around the group above note several interactive displays along with three doors; Patrick Leon nips through the first finding a toilet, the Harlequin finds a similar facility through her choice, whilst Anntar ends up in a park!

A blue sky above her, grass below her feet, a bandstand in the distance and buildings showing above the trees to her left are all slightly disconcerting for Anntar, as is the lack of any form of door behind her. She starts to walk slowly towards the bandstand, and with some relief is joined by the Harlequin and Patrick Leon before she has proceeded more than fifty yards (they having decided to follow her through the third door when she failed to emerge). They gather together whilst the Harlequin scans the area, picking up an unusual energy signature which she cannot readily identify. The thre start to head towards some of the buildings visible above the trees, and are almost there when a noise causes them to look up. A saucer shaped craft rockets above their head and releases two weapons which plummet earthwards and smash into one of the buildings with a colossal explosion! There is a thunderous noise as one of the buildings collapses, Patrick Leon leads the rush towards the devastation with Anntar and the Harlequin close behind. Emerging onto the road he finds one building has collapsed and another has been carved in half. Faint screams attract his attention to a woman hanging perilously from the fourth floor of a gutted office, he rushes towards the building and starts to claimb to her aid followed by Anntar. The two manage to get up to the woman, but she is panic stricken, kicking at Patrick as he tries to hold her up. Anntar tries to reach past and help but slips, leaving them all hanging on for grim death. Down on the road the Harlequin has walked a little way along to talk to some of the stunned survivors of the attack when the noise returns, the saucer beginning a second attack run. As it does so a concealed hatch slides to one side and a missile battery rises almost silently from the pavement, its missiles fly fast and direct whistling over the Time Lords head, but at the same time the saucer (which the Harlequin thinks is a Dalek vessel) fires again, the bolts whistle straight towards the group hanging from the building, who with a scream finally lose their grip and plummet earthwards, as he falls Patrick Leon notes a sign on the wall identifying the building as 'Planetry Defence Headquarters'. There is a thunderous detonation; and the Harlequin, Anntar and Patrick Leon find themselves standing in a room with a series of interactive displays along the walls. Slightly unsteadily they creep back out through the door and on to the walkway, just as another Ogron arrives in the atrium below, accomanied by a Dalek.

Meanwhile, the Advocate has found himself on the wrecked bridge of a spacecraft, picking his way through the debris he finds a woman in powered armour trapped below the debris. Slightly more pressing is the fact that the ship appears to be plummeting into the planet which grows ever larger on the damaged viewscreen. Making an educated guess, the advocate takes control and manages to pull the ship away from its imminent demise.

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