Civil Wars

Episode 1

With night falling the thick mist drifts low over the water, effectively muffling the arrival of the TARDIS, which given that the passengers would have described the arrival as more of a controlled crash than a landing was just as well. The Advocate and The Harlequin immediately started to exchange barbed comments about each others piloting, but given both had realised that the ship had been caught in a Time Funnel with the same harmonics as the ships Time Rota it was only a half-hearted. With the screens showing just mist and darkness and the instruments indicating a breathable atmosphere the only way to track down the source of the Time Funnel was to go outside and look for it. The first steps outside reveal the ground to be soft and boggy so their is a short adjournment for more paractical footwear!

Heading away from the TARDIS (which conceals itself as a gnarled and dead tree), the group follow the line of the river. The Advocate attempts to use his cane to track the source of the Time Funnel but fails, although he does spot a light, which on closer insection seems to hover high in the air. Further inspection is initially curtailed buy the impact of a crossbow bolt into the ground nearby. The Harlequin challanges the unseen shooters and after a short exchange is invited to approach.


Episode 2

Casting around one final time, The Harlequin and Patrick Leon find nothing else of interest by the river, and head back towards the tower. Passing through the scattered woods by the river, in which mist still lingers, The Harlequin pauses as a voice echoes in her mind. 'Time Lord',


Episode 3

Still exploring the mist shrouded woods as darkness starts to descend, The Advocate and Anntar head back towards the centre of the area defined by the Time Funnel. There, in a small area of ground next to the river they find a few ruined walls and with the aid of the technology embedded in The Advocate's cane determine that there is more masonry underground, a small buildings worth, possibly roman.

Meanwhile, at Faringdon House Patrick Leon helps The Harlequin dress appropriately for dinner, before excorting her into the main hall.


Historical Notes

Faringdon House