Icy Grip of Death

Part One

The TARDIS comes to rest canted over at a 30 degree angle, mercifully everyone aboard is unhurt. The scanner shows nothing outside but white, so The Advocate heads to the door and peers outside. A small, wrecked, metal walkway leads to a narrow icy ledge running along the wall of the crevace. It appears the chameloen circuit has disguised the TARDIS as some form of wrecked boat. With sub-zero temperatures outside everyone heads to collect warm clothes (especially the temperature sensitive Anntar) before heading out to explore.

Moving along the ledge, Anntar and the Harlequin spot something a few feet down over the edge. Anntar climbs down, followed by Patrick Leon and collects from an outcrop of ice a worn duffel coat. Upon examination it seems to have a few drops of blood on it and smells strongly of something no-one can initially identify. Looking around it appears that the owner perhaps fell from above and there may be a way up at this point to have a look around. Although Anntar can make the climb herself easily, the others may struggle so the Advocate heads back to collect a rope from the TARDIS. Returning the rope is strung up and the four make it to the top without incident. In all directions the icy waste stretches almost as far as the eye can see, except to the east where in the distance is the blue reflection of open water. The group decide to head that way and trudge of through the snow, a clear blue sky above them.

Several hours later the water is now clearly in view, when a man pops up with a rifle and utters the immortal words; "Halt, who goes there?". The Advocate steps forward, accompanied by the Harlequin, and explains that they are an exploratory expedition who are a 'little off course'. They profer the dufflecoat, which the man recognises as belonging to a missing friend of his, 'Bob'. Along with his companon who has emerged from cover, he seems to partially accept the story he is told, and agrees to lead the group back to talk to his captain. The two seem more confused that the Harlequin is female, than the fact that the group has appeared from the middle of nowhere.

Passing over a stretch of ice, the surface cracks and an Ice Wyrm errupts from the depths. Anntar along with the two rifle armed men are initially stunned by events and thus one of them was easy prey for the creature which bit straight through his leg above the kneee. Patrick Leon and the Harlequin started to flee whilst the Advocate scanned the creature finding it a silicon based lifeform with near anti-freeze for blood. Recovering her wits, Anntar drew her sword and attacked the creature which had turned its attention onto the Advocate. Meanwhile the Harlequin rushed back to treat the wounded man, followed by Patrick Leon who shook his head at her recklessness. Faced with a determined opposition and a wound to its flank from Anntar, the creature withdrew below the ice. Despite her best efforts, the Harlequin could not save the wounded man who bled to death within minutes on the ice. Sadly the group hefted his body and continued on their way.

Another two hours saw the group arrive at the ice cliff edge, nearly 200' above the sea below. Looking to the left, a frieghter was visible moored against the ice, a swarm of crew ensuring every surface was either painted white or draped in tarpaulins. A cargo net dangling from the cliff edge above the rear deck gave a somewhat perilous access, which everyone negotiated without incident. By the time the group had reached the deck, the captain had emerged with some expected questions. This time the Harlequin took lead again indicating they were 'explorers' but hinting at some covert purpose, vital to the war effort. It was during this time that Patrick Leon spotted a crewman he recognised, at least in the photos his mother had showed him of his father during the war! Fortunately, and unsurprisingly, the man paid little interest, instead working hard to complete the whitewashing of the ships superstructure. Although he seemed not entirely convinced with the travellers story, the captain was poite, and given the hour, invited the group to dine with him, leading them to the officers wardroom to wait. It was whilst there they heard the warning bell, and loooking out, saw the ships crew come to alert as a plane was seen out over the ocean. Luck however was with them, and it departed to the north.

Part Two

Dinner was a somewhat meagre affair, with the Advocate, the Harlequin, Patrick Leon and Anntar joining the ships captain, his first officer and engineering officer, for spam stew and tinned vegtables. Gentle conversational probing by the Harlequin gets the captain to explain how his ship came to be where it is. His convoy (PQ17) was forced to scatter after reports of a german battleship approaching. Given the u-boats and air attacks, the captain steered his ship towards the Greenland ice pack and has moored against it, camouflaging the hull white and waiting for the furore to calm down, before heading along the ice edge and trying to work his way around to Russia. His gentle enquiries about the groups reasons for being here are met with evasion and rumours of 'Top Secret' operations, which although slightly unbelievable the captain seems to take at face value. The captain mentions that his crew where on the ice looking out for German aircraft and that given that is still neccesary, he enquires how safe it would be. Both the Harlequin and the Advocate assure him that that is something they can deal with, and that after a few hours rest they will set out to resolve the issue. He generously therefore gives them usage of some of the ships cabins once dinner is complete and the group settle down to sleep.

The following morning the two Time Lords lead the group back onto the ice and back in the direction of the crevace they arrived in, to collect some further cold weather clothing (and hot tea) and to look for further signs of the missing sailor. Before they descend into the depths, they enter tyhe TARDIS and whilst there the Advocate cobbles together a basic 'creature detector' whose doppler beep will increase in frequency as it nears a lifeform. Anntar takes the opportunity to secures a gauntlet weapon of some description from the equipment in Jock's room, and with it in her bag, leads the four deeper into the crevace. They wind their way down, eventually finding themselves in an icy chaber deep within the ice pack. The wall here appears warm despite being frozen and looking around Patrick Leon finds a shard of metal. After careful examination the Advocate expresses the opinion that it is from a Jaggaroth space ship, probably part of the escape pod.


Part Three