Melisa Karllan

Home Planet: Marinus

Encountered at the Picadilly concourse where she was being mugged. She was rescued by Jock, Anntar and The Harlequin and in return for food told them the situation on Marinus (Episode 1: Rise of the Machine). She, along with The Advocate was subsequently arrested by Police 'officermen' and taken into custody. She was placed in processing for the 'womb mother' project, but rescued by Patrick Leon and The Harlequin. She escaped the facility with them and eventually returned to the TARDIS, where she accepted a ride to a safer location.

Heading into the Lamda-Vale facility with the rest of the TARDIS crew, she was lost when they group split up to follow a scream (Episode 3: Precious). She was later rescued from the robot repair facility in a daring move by Jock, Anntar, Patrick Leon] and Kimon.