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DoctorWho: RiseOfTheMachine

Rise of the Machines

Episode 1

The cloister bell rings just once, its ominous note reverbarating through every room of the TARDIS. Otherwise there is silence, nothing, not even the beating heart of the central console can be heard. Regaining conciousness the crew look around, a white cylindrical chamber, corinthian columns, stone beches and trailing ivy: and point out The Advocate and the Harlequin together, thirty seconds to abandon the TARDIS before a very life limiting emission of excess time particles! The crew stumble through the main doors, out past a stool and curtain and into a large passageway along which hundreds of people are moving in a steady stream. There is a certain amount of discusson between the Harlequin and the Advocate over the ownership of the TARDIS (which has neatly disguised itself and a 'New You Envisionarium') and each others piloting abilities, but calmer heads prevail as a mounted policeman on a partially cybernetic horse approches and they decide move off and look around a little. As they depart a little notice pops out of the disguised TARDIS 'Out of Order'.

Moving past the cybernetic mounted policeman, who has stopped to observe a cleaner obliterating the graffitti from the wall, although the words 'Kilroy was Here' can just barely be seen still; The Advocate utilises his cane to surruptiously scan the passers by, revealing they are passably human and in general about 40% cybernetic. Large plasma screens along the walls show the local weather forecast which oddly talks about excess CO2 levels in the lower levels and a general decrease in temperature throughout the city; and is presented by an entirely cybernetic weather girl. Anntar especially feels the cold, and looks longingly at the warm woollen clothing most people have. Adverts are also streamed on the screens, notably one for 'Fluffy' the new cybernetic pet from Mattel. No one has any real idea of where they are, or where to head next (although Patrick Leon recognises several of the station names as places in London, England, Earth) so, on a whim, the group descend the escalator to a tube platform (signed Greenwich on the jubilee line) and wait for the next train.

The train whisltles to a stop, and is decidedly more modern than everyone (especially Patrick Leon had expected. Boarding they take their places as it speeds away. Jock attempts to engage one of the men in some leading conversation, but gets a decidely cold reception despite his confidence in his charms. The first stop on the line is Cromwell Deep, where many get off, but the group stay on till Piccadily.As the train jolts to a halt Anntar pick pockets the nearest passenger as the five disembark, much to The Advocate's dismay.

Heading up the escalator they arrive in a large concourse with stalls, hundreds of milling passengers and more dudious flourescent light. Examing her haul, Anntar discovers it is a ration book issued by the Westminster Collective for John Cooper and is dated 1954! She takes the opportunity to use her Psychogramatic circlet to change her appearance to match the photo. Slowly browsing the stalls the group hear a scream from a side tunnel and head in that direction. Three partialy cybernetic men are apparantly mugging a young woman. Jock rushes down to her rescue, but turns out to be more bluster than technique as he engages the first mugger. Anntar joins in but her initial attempt to stun one with her tongue is not a great success. The Advocate calmly makes some adjustmnets to his cane in prepeartion for stunning their cybernetics, but this does not prove neccesary as Anntar bodily slams one of the attackers into the tunnel wall knocking him unconcious and the rest flee at the suggestion of The Harlequin. The woman turns out to be Melissa Karllan an itinerant busker. As she examines her precious violin for damage (and playing half a dozen haunting notes), she explains that because she does not want to convert to cyber-implants (it would, she believes, impede her creativity) she is nothing but a drain on the citys resources according to the Central Collective and is thus barred from any rations. Discovering this The Harlequin produces a can of ready-heat food which she grateful accepts. Whilst eating she explains the planet (Marinus) is drifting out of orbit having been the subject of a near miss by a very large asteroid. Once it heads too far into deep space life on the surface will be become unsustainable and only those below ground will survive. The Westminster Central Collective has decreed that by converting to a predominantly cybernetic society the population can survive on the very limited food grown underground until a new home can be found. Whilst listening to this, Anntar has rifled the poickets of the unconcious attacker, collecting another ration book and a few coins.

Episode 2

Melissa Karllan has just come to the end of her story, and the can of food, when two Police 'officermen' arrive at the end of the passage and demand ID papers from all present. The Advocate attempts to stun thier cybernetics with his modified cane but it has little effect so everyone runs for it! The Harlequin and Patrick Leon are amongst the quickest and weave there way through the passages back out into the main concourse, and unsure if they are being followed duck into the first booth they come accross. Anntar and Jock also manage to get away but take a wrong turning and end up facing a steel door marked 'No Entry', they pick the lock and head down the ladder they find beyond it. Melissa Karllan is the slowest and is caught and stunned by an 'officerman'. As she is being handcuffed The Advocate comes to a halt and tries to talk his way out of the situation, eventually giving up and being arrested. Along with Melissa he is taken to a holding facility where he is held for around an hour, during which time he modifies his cane to produce a low-level homing signal. Eventually Doctorman Rayne enters, she is aware of his alien nature and questions him about his reasons and methods for being here, and whether he is alone. The Advocate is evasive but does admit that another of his species is on the planet, she immediatly puts out an order for her to be arrested. Leaving Melissa unconcious and cuffed on the bench, she leads him to her lab where she places him in an examination chair and runs further tests which identify his superior physiology. She wants to use his physiology as a basis for the new cyber-race, he is unhappy, but in an attempt to persaude him of her reasons leads him further into the laboratory complex.

In the meantime The Harlequin and Patrick Leon have found themselves in a black-market surgury booth. The owner, Mr Jones, enquires what they want and The Harlequin informs him that Patrick Leon may need some kidney work. Thus he rapidly finds himself in a chair having a distinctly down-market medical examination. It appears that Mr Jones provides organic replacments for state installed cybernetic ones, allowing people to claim the additional rations for accepting cybernetic replacements, but at the same time remain human. Eventually the two make their excuses and leave, via the back exit. The Harlequin spends some time tinkering to produce a low-level scanner which will track non-standard body signs, and having detected faint signs they set off in pursuit of the readings.

Having reached the bottom of the ladder, Anntar and Jock have found a series of service passages and start to look around, almost immediately coming across a small robotic animal (a 'Fluffy'). They decide to follow it and spend some considerable time traipsing through the increasingly cold passages until they arrive at a door. Entering, the room beyond is pitch black, and they are startled by a number of voices which start to question them about who they are and why they are here. They are scanned and consternation occurs when it is revealed they are aliens. Anntar pops a glow stick to reveal two dozen or so suspended jars wired together in a web of cables and pipes, with each jar containing a living brain! This is the Westminster Central Collective! The brains make a decision and order Jock to report for processing, he declines, and the two race for a door, only to come face to face with a cyberman.

Entering a restricted area, The Harlequin and Patrick Leon find themselves in a robotic medical facility. A dozen or more unconcious woman are being fed into a sinister looking machine, amongst them is Melissa Karllan, and it is her that The Harlequin's scanner seems to have led them to!

Episode 3

Deciding not to stop for a conversation, Jock and Anntar sprint away from the lunging cyberman, across the room and out another door, two cybermen in pursuit. The corridor appears to be a service access and at the end the two burst into a 'red light' illuminated chamber. A massive crane armm shifts a two meter tall capsule off a conveyer belt and places it in a support cradle. Looking around, the two spot hundreds of similar capsules arrayed in rows around the cylindrical room, each plumbed into a dizzying array of cables and pipes. The sound of their pursuers growing louder the two start to climb heading for the entrance conveyer they can see far above.

Observing Melissa Karllan getting far to close to some form of automated surgical system, Patrick Leon throws himself through the glass window and races over to try and free her. The Harlequin steps through the broken window, and with a wave of her sonic screwdriver, crashes the automated system starting an alarm, which is incidently observed from a booth above by The Advocate who has been left to observed the procedure by Doctorman Rayne whilst she investigates a disturbance in the facility. It is at this point that Anntar and Jock stagger through the dividing curtain from the surgical facility, where their climb had ended and where they saw things that deeply disturbed the silurian. With the cybermen getting closer, the group rush back towards the broken window, Anntar carrying the still unconcious Melissa Karllan. They are climbing through, when thier prusuers finally catch up with them. Both Anntar and Jock are hit with heavy punches from the machine creatures, but only Jock seems to feel the blows, Anntar's physique and armour proving resistant. As soon as they are through, Patrick Leon drops a bag of ball bearings he found in his pocket onto the floor and they make their escape as the cyberman flounder on the unstable footing.

Sensing some form of ultrasonic noise (being generated by The Advocate to draw the group to him, The Harlequin opens a door and comes face to face with a section of Officermen being recharged. She tries to bluff her way out but fails and they disconnect to come in pursuit. The chase heads past the booth where The Advocate is lurking and he decides to head along with the group who are now pursued by Officermen and cybermen.

Breaking ou onto the concourse the group head for the platform and onto a newly arriving train, thier pursuers close behind. As the doors close, they realise that the Officermen have also boarded the train and are moving through the carriages towards them. Calmly The Advocate makes his way to the carriage connection and using his staff decouples the rest of the train; includingly he belatedly realises the braking system. The train flashes throgh 'Cromwell Deep' heading for the terminus at 'Greenwich'. Despite attempts by Jock, The Harlequin and The Advocate to slow the train down it blows through the station and crashes into the buffers. Jock and Patrick Leon are knocked unconcious in the crash, but Anntar, The Harlequin and The Advocate just manage to get them to the TARDIS ahead of the Officermen.

Exploring the ship, the two Time Lords find not only a medical facilty, but a secondary control room decorated in brass and Teak and with porthole screens. A little minor rearrangment places this and the medical suite next to the door room, and allows for the others to recieve treatment. With the Officermen waiting patiently outside, and Melissa Karllan happy to accept the offer of transport to a safer planet. They dcide to leave the planet of Marinus and its people to their fate and take off, hopefully for a peaceful world where a musician will be appreciated. Having recovered from her injuries, Melissa Karllan manages to turn up a violin and starts to play a half dozen haunting notes.....

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