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DoctorWho: Spice

Spice !

Part One

When The Advocate told Patrick Leon that he would take him to get a new afghan coat after his was burnt by a short-circuiting Dalek, he never quite expected the shopping experience he was subjected to in 18th century Ghazni. The sights, the sounds and most particularly the SMELLLS where an order of magnitude more than he had experienced in Carnaby street. Still, barely an hour or so later he was bartering like a native over the price of a rather high quality silk and linen coat. The Advocate meanwhile had noted an odd item on a nearby stall and strolled over to investigate. On closer examination it appeared to be a medical kit dating to the 51st century! It was obvious the stall holder did not know what he had (though he hand signal as to his suspicions was incomprehensible), and so The Advocate took it off his hands for a very reasonable price. Whilst all this was going on, Anntar was huddling under her hooded cloak and keeping a careful watch on the area, thus it was she that spotted both the traditionally dressed oriental man watching them, and the semi-wild dog which seemed to be systematically searching the market. She mentioned this to the Harlequin who headed over, squatted down and asked the dog what it was it wanted! She was completely taken aback when in response it went for her throat ripping a major wound and leaving her semi-concious on the floor. Screaming and chaos ensued amongst the crowd as Anntar and Patrick Leon raced over to assist her, whilst The Advocate wielded his cane as a sonic distraction, which sadly had no effect. Also racing to the fallen lady's aid were three well dressed local men, the leader of which issued oders to his men to protect her whilst he knelt at her side. They failed to hit the animal, although Anntar did strike it a glancing blow on the nose, whilst Patrick Leon did his best to staunch the bleeding. This attack proved sufficient to drive it off, and with The Harlequin and her dress covered in blood, the leader commanded his men to pick her up and carry her to the palace in the centre of the city. Anntar and Patrick Leon followed along, and The Advocate started to do similar when the oriental man Anntar had seen earlier took him by the elbow and invited him to instead accompany him. He did so and they quickly dissapeared into the maze of house and alleys in the poorer part of the city.

The Harlequin was efficiently caried through the streets and into the palace at the centre of the city, there, with attendants flowing in thier wake the group made their way upstairs and into a set of opulent chambers. The men, including Patrick Leon were stopped at the door, whilst Anntar (who appeared to be a local woman) followed the group inside. Laid on a couch, the Harlequin's stained clothes were quickly removed, and a young girl, barely into her teens issued instructions to fetch items whilst she began to treat the wound with a degree of skill. When she finished, and with The Harlequin resting, Anntar took and opportunity to talk to her finding out she was Fareeda Durrani and the sister of the man who 'rescued' the Harlequin from the market square, Adeeb Durrani. She was shocked by the fact Anntar, who thanks to her Psychogramtic Mask appeared to be an afghan woman, was both unmarried and travelling without a chaperone. The conversation was interrupted by the return of her brother, with Patrick Leon in tow. Adeeb Durrani was pleased the Harlequin was recovering and told the visitors they would all be expected for dinner that evening.

Meantime, the Advocate had been escorted to a small house in the depths of the city and there spent some considerable time in conversation with the owner who had brought him there, Lheng Shee. A Bhudist in a city of Muslims, he explained he is considered by most an outsider, despite being the sixth generation of his family to call Ghazni home. He noted that several items of a similar design to that which the Advocate purchased have been turning up in the market in the last month; and as far as he knows all have been purchsed by members of the Ghilzai tribe (the previous rulers of the city). He admited to watching the Advocates group in the market, primarily because of their 'unusual' natures The Advocate suspects he may be able to see through Anntars disguise due to a hieghtened awareness brought on by continuing and intense meditation). Overcome by his curiosity, the Advocate finally decided to open the kit he bought and found it contained a number of phials. Carefully scanning these, he noted that they are some form of genetic engineering virus, designed to re-engineer a human genome to transform the person into something else (he had been unable to scan them whilst they were in the case due to lingering energy fields which seems to oscillate in the structure of the case). Carefully he closed the case and placed it in his pocket. Asking about the gesture the stall keeper made about the source of the item, prompted Lheng Shee to take the Advocate up the hill to a place known as Tapar Sardar, and consisted of a stupa on a hilltop, surrounded by a row of smaller stupas. Heading into the central mound they came upon an 18m reclining budha. It seemed that certain citizens of the city belive the Budhists to be some form of Demon worshippers.

Part Two

With her clothes covered in blood, the Harlequin is provided with some new ones for the banquet at the palace in Ghazni, which she attends along with Patrick Leon and Anntar. There along with Adeeb Durrani and Fareeda Durrani are a number of high ranking officials from the 'new' government.


Part Three

Heading down to the market to collect a few essential supplies, and breakfast for the Advocate, the Harlequin finally managed to obtain enough equipment for the Advocate to assemble a Zigma energy detector. Whilst he was doing this Anntar and the Harlequin noted a number of ragged looking individuals who seemed to be watching them. Anntar made sure to keep an eye on them. When turned on, the detector indicated an energy signature to the west, so the group headed in that direction.

Several hours later, the four travellers had walked four to five miles across some basic fields and into the foothills of the nearby mountain range. The Advocate's detector led them inot an area of crevasses, gullys and small caves.

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