To Dream of the Daleks

Episode One

Castris Sigma, a planet of 20 billion, living primarily in a number of cities floating on a green ocean. Art and architecture, music and performance, all are greatly respected and admired. All in all it seems an ideal place for Melissa Karllan to start her new life. At least that is what everyone thought, until returning to the TARDIS from an open air impromptu concert in one of the citys amphitheatres Anntar heard a scream coming from an alleyway. Leading the charge, the silurain reched the corner of the alleyway, where a woman lay slumped against the wall, just as a Dalek levelled its blaster at a man and uttered the cry "There can be only one!". The blast of energy disintigrated him completely, and the creature then turned its attention on the group. The Advocate started to shuffle people (The Harlequin, Anntar, Patrick Leon, Jock and Melissa Karllan) backwards away from the machine, but instead of continuing its attack it was sucked down an energy stream, dissapearing before it reached the end of the street. Somewhat confused both both the creatures actions and exit, The Advocate took some readings off the area with his cane, detecting trace particles from a primative form of time travel. Whilst he did so the others approached the woman only to have her turn to dust! Concerned by the turn of events they head back to the TARDIS, (which is impersonating a 20' high statue of Rassilon in an open air exhibition of sculptures in the local park) to investigate further.

Back in the TARDIS The Advocate uses its instruments to quickly determines that there have been several other dissapearances in the area. Jock meantime has seen a woman walking through the park and nags The Harlequin and Anntar to investigate outside with him so he can meet her! Approaching the woman (who it turns out is called Guilietta) Jock is far more succesful than anyone could have believed possible and the two head for a secluded garden to get to know each other better. Exchanging looks which apparantly cross species, The Harlequin and Anntar leave them to it and go in search of a Peace Officer. They find one on the sea-side walk a few hundred metres away, and thanks to The Harlequins charm and chatter he proves exceptionally willing to help. From him the two learn there have been three dissapearances in the local area; the only clues being a few piles of dust and some shards of glass. The officers have questioned everyone who lives locally, but to no avail. It is whilst the Officer is showing The Harlequin the results of this on his hand-held computer pad, that she spots one name that stands out Sallerman Caan. According to the interview records he is a Dal. Making a mental note of his adddress, she thanks the Officer for his assistance and informs him of the dissapearance they witnessed. The Peace Officer notes down her statement, and then excuses himself and to go and investigate further.

Meanwhile back inside the TARDIS, The Advocate has been giving Patrick Leon a quick history lesson on the Daleks, foccusing on their strengths and weaknesses. Most particulary he reckons the Dalek they saw is probably a very early model, which normally picks up power from the floor, and has a very limited battery life outside of anywhere it can collect power. Assuming this to be the case, whilst talking he has assembled a device which he hopes will immobilise it by grounding out its internal power supply. The downside is that it requires to be attached to the Dalek and then the cable dropped into a large volume of water. The cable is only 30' long!

Having parted company from the Peace Officer, The Harlequin and Anntar head for Sallerman Caans apartment. He proves not to be in, but his doorbell connects them to his personal communication device and he answers their call. He is just about to take part in a debate and invites them to attend so they can talk to him afterwards. Accepting his offer they head back to the TARDIS to confer with The Advocate and Patrick Leon, and all decide to go and meet him. Heading across the park of sculptures they bump into Jock, who is saying a temporary goodbye to Guilietta, and stroll the mile or so to the theatre where the debate will take place.