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DoctorWho: UnnaturalEvolution

Unnatural Evolution

Part One

The Carboniferous period, on the edge of the great swamps as they give way to the sea, a little after tea time! The Advocate and the Harlequin have brought the TARDIS to Earths prehistory to give Anntar a taste of home. Stepping outside, the group spot a series of footprints, huge heavy armoured boots, heading towards the beach. Intrigued they follow them, making their way between the towering fern trees and low lying undergrowth, until they arrive on the sandy shallow beach, which shelves gently down into the crystal clear waters of the lagoon.

Spreading out to look around, they note that out on a reef a hundred yards or so from the surfs edge lies the remains of what appears to be some form of small spaceship. Intrigued and somewhat impulsive, Patrick Leon and the Harlequin decide to swim out and examine the wreck, whilst the Advocate and Anntar take the more cautious approach and head back to the TARDIS to collect a boat. Slipping out of her dress the Harlequin slides gracefully into the water, accompannied after a few minutes by Patrick Leon as he finally devests himself of his clothing. The two manage almost half the distance without incident before something appraches from underneath, looking back the two spot the sinister form of a swimming sea scorpion! Gallantly Patrick Leon turns back to confront it, whilst the Harlequin swims on. Patrick just manages to avoid the first strikes and seeking about for some form of weapon he grasps a sharpened piece of metal from the seabed. His strike is firm, but turned aside by the creatures natural armour. Looking over he realises the Harlequin has reached safety and thus makes a desperate break for the reef. The sea scorpion dives low preparing to attack from underneath when there is a violent commotion and it in turn is grabbed by a massive creature a Pterygotus. As the water is clouded by blood and debris, Patrick Leon finally makes it to the reef, bleeding but alive, and still grasping his improvised weapon. On closer inspection it seems to be a mechanical claw attached to a section of flexible 'tentacle', possibly from some form of power armour? Heading inside the ship the two find the vessel has plowed into the reef with some speed, cargo containers are spread around including a number of barrels of an unknown liquid. With the labels on both the barrels and controls unreadable, they deduce that at least part of the language is printed to be read in a spectrum that neither of them can see. Stepping outside they head around to examine the ship, finding severe damage to the port side engine. They also spot the Harlequin and Anntar arriving on the beach carrying a canadian style canoe they had recovered from the TARDIS stores. Despite a lack of skill with paddles the two manage to safely paddle out to the reef, bringing with them the clothing discarded on the beach. The two Time Lords examine the ship again and deduce that the engine damage was in all likelyhood caused by the claws of a sea scorpion, and that it belongs to a species called the Ma'Kra'ti. With no hope of the ship ever flying again, they all board the canoe for a nervous and slightly unsteady journey back to the shore.

Part Two

Given that the tracks (of the power armour?) led back into the jungle, the group decide to follow them, Anntar in the lead. From the crashed ships flight computer, the two Time Lords had predicted a flight of around five kilometeres before the crash, so they expected a similar journey on foot back to its origin. They had barely covered two kilometres of that when there was a disturbance in the undergrowth ahead. Anntar moved forwards to investigate and came face to face with an Arthropleurid. Whilst Anntar distracted it (intimidation on both sides giving way to an exchange of blows which did little harm to either), the Harlequin, the Advocate and Patrick Leon managed to slip past and having seen them to safety, Anntar quickly followed. Thus forty minutes or so later they emerged into a clearing, a small blockhouse standing on a slight rise in the centre. The Advocate led the others towards it and along with the Harlequin examined it more closely.


Part Three


Patrick Leon finally manages to finally bring the ship to a crashing halt in the mud and swamp close to the beach where their journey began, and the four slowly clamber out.

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