Dresden Files.

This Wiki is designed to collect information about the occasional (now weekly) Dresden Files games run by me (Paul). Being as we went to the trouble of trying to generate the campaign by the steps shown in the rulebook it seemed a shame not to share the results. So keep an eye on things, see what changes, as this may actually turn out to be a lot of fun!

So much fun apparently that there is now a second game and gaming group, and even plans for something a little different.


Player Characters

Dolores Alegra Malspina Joe

Luca Porrini Heather

Gina Tortelli Gordon

Marina Canalis James

Vincenti di Venitzio Marc

The Files

Venice The design Specs

Glossary of characters

Groups in Venice

Objects of Interest

Unresolved Plots

The Episodes

* These write-ups are currrently incomplete.

1. The Death of Love

2. Tick Tock Tick Tock *

3. Calamari!

4. It's Never Black or White

5. Old Debts, Old Friends *

6. Why Why Why

7. Recollections of the Dead *

8. Mad, Bad and Dangerous to know *

9. Everything has Consequences

10. Pictures at an Exhibition *

11. Who Hunts the Hunter? *

12. What's New Pussycat? *

13. When Hell Freezes Over *

14. The Evil Dead

15. For When the Time is Right*

16. Having a Ball*

17. Ghosts in the Material*

18. Magdeburg*

19. Nights Labours

Interlude One

20. Voices from the Abyss

21. Family Matters?

22. Archangel?

23. Vitae in Vitro?

xx. Music of the Night

San Fransisco

Player Characters

Justine Reynolds Heather

Sam Helsing Gordon

Rick Brithish Laurence

James Longridge Richard

The Files

San Fransisco The Design Specs

San Francisco Glossary of Characters

The Episodes

* These write-ups are currrently incomplete.

101. Red Wolf Moon *

102. Frankenstiens Children *

Ballad of London Below

The Files

London Glossary of Characters