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FadingSuns: NejariTareth

Race: Ukari

Gender: Female

Affiliation: Scraver/Ukari

Homeworld: Born on Kordeth but raised on Iskathr from a relatively young age


Strength 7Wits 5Presence 4
Dexterity 8Perception 5Faith 3
Endurance 6Tech 5Will 7

Initiative 13

Defense 1

Move 6

Wyrd 7

Vitality 11 (wound penalties at 5 or less)


Phoenix Empire Lore 3Melee 7Urthish Read/Write
Scraver Lore 3Energy Weapons 4Ukari Read/Write
Fight 5Etiquette 1 
Influence 4Slight of Hand 5 
Iskathr lore 3Lockpicking 4 
Sneak 7Athletics 5 
Throwing 5Poison Lore 3 
Vigor 6Self Control 2 
Observe 6Survival 3 

Blessings and curses

Bitter-2will for calm and self control) when interacting with humans
Sensitive Touch+2perception when touch is involved

Benefices and afflictions

Ostracized+2Humans are biased against Ukar
Family Ties-2Your clan will support you
Kraxi Knife Fighting-5Your are trained in traditional Ukari knife fighting techniques giving you access to special maneuvers
Vendetta+3A group from your past wants revenge
Scraver rank Associate-4You are a (very junior) Member of the Scravers Guild, enjoying all the benfits and problems associated with guild membership
Ukari rank Quan-4you are officially clan nobility roughly equivalent of a non-landed knight
Cash-4You start with 1000fb of cash and equipment
Debt+4You owe the Wicklow Brothers, you are currently working off the debt

Combat Maneuvers

Has access to the Standard Fighting Actions

Kraxi Knife style

Kraxi Knife Combat Stance: Focused Rage: Knives and Daggers do +2 Damage

Please note on a turn when you use the advance stance, you suffer - 4 to any combat action that is not either standard or part of Kraxi

ThrustDagger or KnifeDex+Melee+1 Damage, no move penalty for moving 1M or less
Rapid StrikeKnife or DaggerDex + MeleeMelee 6 Athletics 5Your knive have a rate of 3 allowing multiple attack

Slip of the Knife requires Melee 9 observation 7


Kraxi Daggers x 2 (stats the same as ordinary daggers, but of distinctive design)
Hollow Knife x 1 Resembles Kraxi Dagger, has a with poison injection system + 5 doses of 'Plox' Blade venom in the reservoir

x4 Small Knives balanced for throwing
Personal Energy Shield (Standard Model) + 1 charged fusion cell
Martech midget Laser Derringer + 1 charged fusion cell
All weather hooded cloak - dark green, voluminous and sinister
Backpack with basic utensils and traveling gear
830fb in cash

Kraxi KnifeMelee, Knife042MeleeMeleeMeleeM 
Hollow Knife|Melee, Knife031MeleeMeleeMeleeMContains poison injection system with five dose reservoir, resembles Kraxi Knife
Throwing KnifeThrown weapon0335/10Handful2SMay be used as melee knives
Martech Midget PalmlaserLaser DerringerO305/1072xsreduced damage in light scattering environment, (Smog, Smoke etc


Demonstrated Urge :0

Soma1Tougheningwill +vigor 131W,Temporary selfTemporary increase Endurance
 2Strengtheningwill +vigor 131W,Temporary selfTemporary increase Strength
 3QuickeningWll + Athletics :121W,Temporary selfTemporary Increase Dex


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