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FadingSuns: StandardFightingActions

Combat Maneuvers

StrikeUnarmed/MeleeDex +fight or meleenoneBasic punch/kick or stab/slash to hurt someone 
GrappleUnarmedDex+Fight Does 2 dmage opposed str+vigor roll to see if grapple takes 
DisarmUnarmed/ArmedDex +fight or Melee -4 Does 2 or weapon damage, knocks weapon from hand 
KnockoutUnarmed/rmedDex +fight -4if armed must be with blunt or bludgeoning weaponDoes standard damage target must save for knockout based on damage taken 
ThrowThowable weaponDEx + throw Throw knife/rock/grenade etc 
ShootRanged weaponDex + relevant skill/ may be attempted at penalty without skillNeed ammo and rangefires weapon, may shoot multiple times up to weapons rate ( with penalty) 
AimRanged weapon-able to point weapon at target+1 goal/rnd aiming max 3 
BurstAutomatic or SA weaponDex+skill +2requires 3 shots in magazine+2 Goal +2 Damange 
Long BurstAutomatic weaponDex + skill -2At least six shoots-2 goal +4 damage can overload shields, targets defense -2 
Empty ClipAutomatic weaponDex + skill -4More than six rounds in magazine- 4 goal, + 7 Damage, can overlaod shields and -3 to defense 
Suppressive fireAutomatic weaponDex + skillat least 6 rounds in magazineSurpesses an area up to shoot meters, targets attempting to enter area must check or bit hit 
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