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HousesOfTheBlooded: BaronGyndil

Baron Gyndil Mwrr, Blooded of the Serpent

Oldest of four children, he is the ruler of Homeland, overseeing its running from the Castle of Shadows and Secrets. He is married with two children of his own. Recently he has discovered that his daughter is pregnant, and that Baron Shanin?'s son is the one responsible. Where this leaves relations between the two families is as yet undecided.

Province of Homeland

Castle of Shadows and Secrets (lvl 1)

Village of Homeland (lvl 1)

Farm (lvl 2)

Plains (lvl 1)

Ruins (lvl 1)

Mountain (lvl 1)

Swamp (lvl 1)

PC - Blooded of the Serpent - Male

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