Bob McGaskill

High Concept: Master Scrounger

Trouble: A deal gone bad

Dr Morgan Wer's Story: Smooth talking ladies' man

Crossing Paths( )

Headed out to join the foreign legion, but got far too drunk and ended up following a nurse and signing on the wrong dotted line. Aspect Thats not what I expected.

Despite her reservations even Carla Collado fell for the charms of McGaskill. But one night in Port-au-Prince Carla's wandering eye and Bob's wandering hands provoked a stormy end to that relationship.


Craft (Always making useful things)

Craft (Jury Rigger) +2

Refresh 4


Craft 4

Rapport 3, Notice 3

Stealth 2, Athletics 2, Academics 2, Fight 2,

Shoot 1, Survival 1, Burglary 1, Physique 1


French (native), English, Spanish


Physical 3

Mental 2