Dr Morgan Wer

High Concept: Medical doctor of the Teutonic Order

Trouble: The Code of a Knight

Carla Collado's Story: Surely we can discuss this calmly

Bob McGaskill's Story: Sometimes the Old Ways are still the best

Crossing Paths (Haiti 1993)

Operating in Haiti was always going to be difficult, but it was something Dr Wer always wanted to do. Performing surgery on those who needed it regardless of race, religion or politics was something he strongly believed in. This eventually led to a very unpleasant encounter with local militias, whilst at the same time dealing with a inexperienced, panicing nurse (Santine Mesou). Aspect I'm a doctor, not a pacifist.

Carla Collado's experience of Guerilla fighting proved invaluable in delaying any offensive action by the militia, allowing the good doctor the time to treat his patients.

Bob McGaskill managed to calm Santine down, and nearly ended up engaged to her. Luckily, once he got the lights working again, he realised the error of his ways and moved on to pastures new once the crisis passed.


Empathy (Psychologist) - once per session, roll to reduce a mental consequence.

Academics (Doctor M.D.) - can aid recovery of physical consequences.

Rapport (Best foot Forward) - twice per session upgrade a boost to a full aspect.

Refresh 4


Academics (Medicine) 4

Drive 3, Will 3

Fight 2, Notice 2, Rapport 2, Empathy 2

Physique 1, Crafts 1, Shoot 1, Athletics 1


German (Native), French, English, Haitian Creole, Zulu


Physical 3

Mental 4

Significant Milestone +1 refresh, +1 skill at end of Temporal Displacement. Major Milestone +1 skill, end of zombie apocalypse nightmare