E-Branch agents:
Jonathon Blake
Cassandra Jane Cherry?
Janice Northfleet
Peter Trevelyan

Mission start date 28th May 1982

A pre-cog has had a vision - a body will fall off a Thames pleasure boat on the final stroke of midnight tonight - it will be swept under the boat and be mangled by the propeller.

E-Branch is tasking us to intervene. Unfortunately, the boat in question is being used for an ambassodor's reception tonight. The Russians are treating their baltic neighbours; the British negotiators are also invited.

Janice will be amo0ng the waiting staff. Peter will be among the security detail. The other two will be in the trade delegation.

The delegations arrive. The Poles are early; the East German's have a Shaman; the Russians have brought some beautiful girls, but they are outdone by the Danes who have 4 beauties. (Staff rumour is that they are porn stars, as is one of the Russians).


Shots. Illyana turns Whamphiri. Eventually she drops over the side. We are immediately rushed to Belgravia Park tube. (see Going Underground for details)

Franklin Tor

Helen Cook (1)

Elena Kolchek

Luka Saveslenko

Walther Mack

Helmut Mack

Helen Cook

Major Edward Collins


Martin Stretovenski

Vladamir Karentenkov

Malenka Karentenkov

Tatarnia Karentenkov

Illarnia Maskovski

Oksana Dementayava

Valentine Potrakov

Varnia Millanova

Inya Malgorson

Stefan Malgorson

Rolf Balmarson

Frida Erikson

Henry Bjorg

Lenkan Mallack

Storlan Chuk

Rotan Kohln

Anna Doll

Piotr Wallach

Catherine Wallach

Hannah Kollensk

Stephen Hollensk

Martin Stretovenski

Alexandra Kratch

Lek Mullinsk

Martin Mollson

Inga Kelly

Monica Drake

Anna Marrick

Darla Carlsson

Edward Cook

Helen Cook (2, yes there are two)

Rupert Jones