E-Branch agents:
Eva Black
Jonathon Blake
Cassandra Jane Cherry?
Janice Northfleet
Peter Trevelyan

Eva's notes for the mission.

Provisional report by Janice Northfleet

Mission Start Date 13th July 1982

Flashback: Dorian at the "club"

We have a new case - Mr. Benjamin Holgstein?, an Israeli microbiologist, arrived at Heathrow on the 10th July. He hired a car and set off to see his daughter Anna, a teacher, in Arundel, but he never arrived. He is the head of the biological weapons programme, which the Israelis don't have.

On the 3rd of June, the Israeli ambassador, Shlomo Arglov?, was shot while shopping near the embassy. The bullet was an old flintlock pistol ball. The ambassador has gone back to Israel for treatment, as ahve his staff. Interestingly, he is Holgstein's brother.

Janice reads the bullet - the Ambassador steps out of a limo on a London street; he is shot in the chest. A reflection shows the shooter - a shortish "Roundhead", who looks vaguely familiar. Janice sketches him and sends the others off.

Janice and Perter visit the street where the shooting occurred. A woman is watching them poke around. When Janice asks her further, she claims to live locally (East European accent?). Try the shop in front of the incident - the ambassador was visiting the proprietor discretely about a collector of of Babylonian items in Yorkshire. No one saw the attacker arrive or leave - the bodyguards looked confused: there is no alley to escape down.

We establish that the picture Janice has drawn is of Matthew Hopkins?, the 17th century "Witchfinder General".

We set off for Arundel to visit Holgstein's daughter.

Dramatis Personae

Franklin Tor

Liz Mullins?

Helen Cook?

Shlomo Arglov?

Matthew Hopkins?

Benjamin Holgstein?

Anna Holgstein?

Nike Agalakovski

Brian Newbank?

Rita Schuper

Maria Marensky?

Ralph von Strugen?

Henry Koll?

Leo Koskol?

Morton Orel?






Roland Goodhall?