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Necroscope: TheHouse

The House

Provisional Report by Janice Northfleet
E-Branch Agents:
Cassandra Jane Cherry?
Hayden Llewellyn
Janice Northfleet
Jonathon Blake
Robert Miller

Peter Hood (the SOCO)

DI Michael Pope

Monday 4th April,

Work has taken us to the office, upstairs from the Fiesta Costume Shop?. Franklin Tor had a problem on Sunday morning. Laura Hay?, a secretary at the Ministry of Defence, was found dead at her house in West Drayton. The post mortem says she died of old age, but Ms. Hay was 34, and the SOCO? who died yesterday while examining the house. was 30. We must take a look at the scene and provide the MoD a report as to whether any knowledge she had had spread.

Requisition a car, Cassandra drives, and head to West Drayton. We easily find the house; it is taped off with a police presence. It is an old, detatched house in good condition. Robbie stays in the car while the others head in. Psionically, he can see a huge gap where the house should be. He's never seen this before! He approaches to investigate further.

Checking the dossier, the MoD tried to contact Laura on Saturday. By Sunday they fot worried... The body of the SOCO? is still in the middle of the floor. Haydn checks him out, but he's not there! Janice has a go and gets a complete void. When Jonathon tries, the body has no line! Janice scouts around for a favoured object and finds a Wedgewood figurine in the bedroom; but again she gets a complete void. Just then, she hears the bathroom door slam, so goes in there. There is a gurgling as if something was disappearing down the plughole; but the bath is dry.

Janice calls Robbie up. he goes into the bedroom to lie down. He thinks he gets a fleeting movement in the mirror, but he settles down and goes astral. The house is there, and he can explore the rooms and even see outside... to a figure hanging from the tree at the bottom of the garden! He hears a gurgling from downstairs, and he follows it to the kitchen. The tap is running. He goes out to look at the body in the garden: a man in rough clothes of mediaeval appearance, hanging from a 60 year-old oak tree. When Robbie looks back at the house, it is still there, but looks new, and on the common! He goes back to the bedroom. When he looks back out of the window, it is the present day again.

Cassandra takes a wander outside, and notices a woman in black leathers observing the house through binoculars. She is about a mile away and standing by a motorcycle. She informs the others. Jonathon alerts the police. Haydn explores the house: there is a large collection of Coronation Street memorabilia, but there is no food in the house! Janice and Robbie take a walk down the back garden to try to find the oak tree, but they fail to locate it.

Haydn ascertains that the SOCO was examining the fireplace. Janice climbs in. It is a recent restoration, completely dust free and there is no secret compartment. Just then we all hear footsteps upstairs. Haydn, Robbie and Jonathon head upstairs to check the rooms, but find nothing. Robbie goes astral, just as they all hear footsteps on the landing - dashing out, they can see the floor vibrate! Robbie decides to zip downstairs and meets a clear, bubbly rectangle of "stuff" that crashes ino him. He kicks it; it is gelatinous. It disappears into the floor. The others experience a feeling of deja vu and a sudden drop in temperature. Robbie follows it. It clobbers him and he lands at the bottom of the stairs and rushes back to his body. He is scared and hurt. Janice administers first aid, then they leave the house.

Janice and Robbie go to the local library, and quickly find a book on local history. The tree ios mentioned; it was the local hanging tree! The house is also recorded as haunted.

At the morgue, Haydn and Jonathon examine the body of Laura Hay. No life lines, no history! The fireplace must be the key, as both bodies werte found in front of it. What if timbers from the hanging tree were used in the restoration? We contact the restoration company. The people who completed the work are out on another job (At least they are alive!). They got the supplies from the local reclamation yard. Janice calls them, and they confirm that the timbers used were from that tree!

Robbie realises that the house must be on a different astral plane to the rest of the common. We go back to the house. There is a parcel for Jonathon, from the office. Pictures, etc. from the truck that crashed into the cafe last month. The police have an absolutely identical truck, from the local municipal yard. It looks like we got two realities worth of truck!

Dismiss this, and wander inside. Jan tries sensing the fireplace. The history of this house dates only from 8.30 Saturday morning! But why is there no food? Jonathon checks upstairs: all the clothes are new and there is no dirty linen - and there's the skirt she was wearing in the morgue! Robbie realises that when he was astral, the SOCO's body was by the front door. He goes astral again to check - and he's alone! The body by the door is very badly decayed... it looks like he was trying to scratch his way out! Robbie goes into the kitchen. In the hall he can see a floating Chinese man? "So, you have returned. You're going to be here a very long time - get used to it!" and he floats out through the exterior wall. In the kitchen there is a well-rotted body; it may have been female. In the lounge his body is not there! He goes upstairs - when he looks out, there is an inky void. He sticks his his head out and it is an inky void!

Jonathon monitors his lifeline. - it is curtrently not there, although his body is still alive. There is also a 2 minute 31 second "not there" four hours earlier today. Looking closely there are a series of "mini-gaps."

Back in the house, Robbie can open the front door. The SOCO couldn't, because he was real. He also notices that in this house the fireplace is not restored! He starts to try the other walls.

In the real world, the others are worried. Robbie hasn't come back, although he still has a pulse. They try moving him towards the fireplace. No effect. They walk him out the front door... and he comes back, vomiting, but with no other ill-effects.

He describes what happened to the others. We surmise that the gelatinous presence was attacking people, "pushing" them into the "other" house. The non-travellers couldn't get back!

We submit our report.

Later that week, we receive a response. "A truck was replicated to attack your group. The house may have been replicated to attck Laura Hay?." They have 12 other examples of places or items being duplicated and then being implicated in homicides.

E-Branch buy the house and board it up.

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