A Song of Ice and Fire

Roleplaying in the world of George R.R. Martins fantasy world of intrigue, murder et al.. Most of this is me thinking out loud and putting flesh on the bones of the House Generation system.

Player Characters

Lady Cwen Wyldcliffe (Heather)
Osric Swift (Gordon)
Maester Aldwin (Joe)
Eric Snow (Jan)

Notable Characters

House of Westeros

House Baratheon
House Blackwood
House Braken
House Cerwyn
House Charid
House Darkwood
House Frey
House Glover
House Ironsmith
House Karstark
House Lanister
House Mollen
House Mormont
House Overton
House Rockheart
House Saltcliffe
House Stark
House Stone
House Stout
House Targaryen
House Tully
House Vypren
House Wyldcliffe


297 A.L.
m001 Twas a Dark and Stormy Night *

m002 Letters from Home *

m003 New Beginnings *

m004 Along Came a Spider *

m005 Surely you Joust *

m006 White Wedding


m008 'The Tournament at House Stone, Lecia Gives birth'.




m012 'Lady Cwen and Petrine Rivers give birth'.