Session 1

Vincent Leonard.Rita Chow and Rowan Morgan are summoned to meet Malcom Wells at the Stopwatch administration office nestled quietly in the heart of Whitehall. They are given their first mission, to reactivate a Stopwatch Field Office? buried under the Natural History Museum. The office was shut down in the early 50s when stopwatch was wound down after world war II. They are given a key.

With the original surface entrance cut off due to the demolition of the the decommissioned Natural History Museum Tube station entrance. Passing themselves off as visiting scholars from Cardiff University, the team is escorted in the bowls of the archives by Verity Smith and left alone with a room full of pottery shards.

After Rowan faked a few records to make it look like they where working on 'Presumarian' pottery shards they head off to look for the entrance. After searching they found a door hidden amidst a section of the archives full of fuse boxes and pipes.

The after searching the office and making use of Rita's lock picking skills, they found a small kitchen, a bunk room, a large open office, a side office an armory and a records room.

In the side office Rowan found a secret compartment containing a diary, a bottle of scotch and a small device with two wires attached.

In the armory was a Bren gun, two WW2 ammunition boxa and a black metallic ammo box marked in German. After translation they discovered it was marked 'property of the SS and property of the Thule society on the side.

When Vincent opened the box, a crystal cracked on the inside, from the crystal poured an inky black spidery darkness? inky black spidery darkness that attack the party!

After a short fight the lid was slammed back on the Darkness and the group caught its breath.



Session two

The group found themselves amidst the tall spires of the city of Harmonius? on the world of Ruk by some means they had acquired the language and basic knowledge of the world. Taken in by the many sights, the advanced technology and the bioenhanced inhabitants including a number of patrolling Myriad? Battle Chrysalids? they decided to play in casual. They had assumed slightly different forms and gained new knowledge and foci, Vincent now mastered robics (and had a robot servant) Rita had infiltration bioware and Rowan had begun the advance to posthuman ascension. Rowan Morgan noted a public All Song? communal and using the small amount of instinctive knowledge he had gained he search through the All Song for answers. They learnt they had been 'Translated' to Ruk and that its inhabitants new of and had visited Earth. They learnt their missing disk was a Recursion Key? a device for aiding transit between worlds and that other groups in Ruk had the means to translate to and from Earth. When Rowan disconnected from the umbilical and shared his discoveries they group noticed once of the Rukians was paying too much attention, possibly using sense enhancing bioware, he left and the group persuded. Showing masterly skills of tracking and movement the group intercepted the eaves dropper as he reached a terminal for renting hoversleds. A few carfuly chosen words (and veiled threats) meant they learnt his name was..... TBC